• Home Improvement & Services £17 (minimum booking for 3 months)
  • Quarter Page (portrait or landscape) £50
  • Half Page (portrait or landscape) £90
  • Full Page £150

Premium Adverts

  • Front Cover (maximum consecutive booking for 2 months) £270
  • Back Cover £175
  • Centrefold (two page spread) £350

Business Editorials

  • Business Spotlight (one page) £150


Call us now for a tailor-made quotation to meet your advertising needs.

We have adverts and packages to suit even the smallest budget, right up to the largest enterprise. Discounts are offered when booking an advert for 3, 6, or 12 month periods at a time and/or when placing your advert in more than one of our magazines in the same month.

* Talkabout Publishing reserves the right to increase rates at any time with immediate effect. However, term advertisers rates are protected for the duration of the contract. Prices quoted above do not include VAT.

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