Maths students have the right answers

Ten A-level Maths students participated in the UK Maths Senior Challenge, along with over 800,000 other students across the UK. This long-running, national competition is exceptionally challenging and the best performers are usually from independent or grammar schools.

This is the first time that Queen’s Park High School have entered this competition, so they did not quite know what to expect!

When the results came through, the school was thrilled at how well the students had performed, being amongst the highest achievers and placed in the top 20% of the country!

Congratulations to Liv Halewood for winning ‘Best in School’. She did amazingly well and achieved a silver certificate with only two marks short of gold!  Shukrie Kemal was also awarded a silver certificate. with bronze certificates awarded to Harvey Jones, Tom Francis, Dan Kefford and Filip Fidler.

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